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Welcome to batmarg and capt_trouble, I'm happy to have you! I hope you enjoy your stay!

I've mostly caught up on all your entries and replies, it's been a hectic few days, to be honest. I've not been well the last few days and have spent an exorbitant amount of time in bed, plus we have an inspection (house inspection, we rent our house, and the real estate is coming to check we haven't damaged it, etc) in less than a week, so yesterday was day one of working my butt off trying to get the house ready for that. My back is absolutely killing me. So is my mouth, because I've been stressed so I've been worrying at my tongue (biting it, so it's so sore right now). Bleh.

Also, to make matters worse, this is my period week, so all my aches and pains are about 3000% worse. I think we cleaned from about 9-10am to about 3pm yesterday and did 3 rooms, I was so tired I got straight into bed after that and didn't really do much until I fell asleep. More cleaning to be done soon. I don't mind cleaning, but my poor body does.

Been chatting to apple for a while - they were very polite and helpful, to be honest - they couldn't really fix the problem I've been having but they gave me some steps to try for next time it happens and to contact them again when it does, so that will be my next step. The problem is that it works on and off, so it's hard to pinpoint exactly whats causing it.

I re-did my scrapbook, I think it looks better now. Really I just updated how it looked and gave it a picture header but I think it really made it look tonnes better. Next is my friends only post and my profile...still.

Got kicked from my first LIMS sad, especially since I felt the icon was pretty good. Of course, it was a tough one since that round I felt every icon was good. Sucks though. I shall prevail!

The day before yesterday I played PS4 exclusive Until Dawn. It was the free game of the month for Play Station Plus, and I signed up for a free trial just so I could play it because I had a feeling it was going to be amazing - and amazing it was. So, it's the story of eight teenagers who meet at a lodge up in the Canadian mountains on the anniversary of a tragic accident that affected them all. The location, sound, the way the camera centres on the players, everything was just so spot on. The idea is that every choice you make, everything you say or do affects something - be it big or small. It might change your relationship with your friends or it might change your fate, causing your death, or the death of those close to you. Honestly, I haven't had such an amazing experience with a game in a long time. I played it in ONE sitting. It's the best game I've played this year. Also, HUGE BONUS: two massive hotties are in it: Brett Dalton (Agents of Shield) and Rami Malek (Mr Robot) honestly Brett Dalton is so attractive I can't even, and Rami is awesome. It's a horror game and there is some gore and violence, but it's not without purpose, and honestly, I just...can't sing enough praises for this game, AND it's funny!

Lastly for this update: I NAMED THE BUNNIES! It was tough. So many of the names were so cute, but we did end up going with LUCY and HOLLY. Here are some pictures of the darlings to go with their names. The red-eyed white is Lucy, and the black one is Holly. They're both Netherland Dwarf Rabbits.

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