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Nabbed this from cobwebsinwhite and anyone who's interested can go ahead :) I also thought it might be interesting to add the countries of origin for each song.


01. Anilah Feat. Wardruna - Warrior (Canada, Norway)
I've always been into ritualistic, shamanistic, Celtic sounding music, and this is just absolutely perfect.

02. The Pretty Reckless - Take Me Down (USA)
The Pretty Reckless are one of my favourites. and this is one of their "new" songs. I've been listening to it on repeat-ish, lately.

03. Leaves Eyes - Hell to the Heavens (Norway, Germany)
Liv's voice has always been one of my favourites, and this song is no exception. Norweigan beauty and the beast metal at it's finest, although now Liv's been replaced so, idc, still.

04. Sia - Move Your Body (Australia, USA)
Okay so, the reason I love this song at the moment is because of THE FITNESS MARSHALL. I adore his workouts, and this one is probably one of his best, if not his best. Plus this song is energetic, every time I watch the video I wanna stand up and dance.

05. Miracle of Sound feat. Malukah - Legends of the Frost (Ireland, Mexico)
I adore Malukah. Her Elder Scrolls songs are the most amazing things ever, and she really compliments Miracle of Sound incredibly well. This is one of my favourite songs ever.

06. Despacito - Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Beiber (Puerto Rican)
No judging, I still like this song. Justin might be a dick IRL but I like his voice, and I love listening to Spanish etc guys singing especially when the rhythm is nice.

07. Absence of Fear - Bliss (Denmark)
This song is my favourite from the Buddha - Bar albums. It's soft, melodic, and super ritualistic.

08. Celldweller - First Person Shooter (USA)
I guess this can best be described as industrial metal or electronica with a hint of dubstep. Whatever it is, I dig it. Instrumental, awesome.

09. Kerli - Feral Hearts (Estonia)
This song is just beautiful, the moment I heard it I was hooked.

10. Tarja Turunen feat. Alissa White Gluz - Demons in You (Netherlands)
Tarja has one of the greatest voices in music, period. Conversely, Alissa can growl like no other. This song is perfect, metal at it's best.

11. Amaranthe - Burn With Me (Sweden)
So, no one can really agree on the genre of this band...but idr give a fuck. I love them, and for the record, I don't think they're pop, they're heavy metal, no one sings with that intensity in pop.

Honestly, that took forever, haha.

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